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The Fionas
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What The Fionas are all about

A letter to the listeners

The Fionas are all about experimentation and rock creation. Our music is quite strange and psychedelically arousing at times, which is nice and good. You can check it all out on our new album, One Two Three Four, which will hit the shelves soon -- for easy access just visit our record co.'s online store.
As you will see on One Two Three Four, we have some crazy bass vibe from our own Edwin Telford (a.k.a. Jesus,) some insane moaning and groaning from gimmick/vocalist Sam France, some sinfully radiskull guitar from Brian Felber, and some crazy drummage and rummage from percussionist Dan Kramer. Yeah, it's rad.
We love it. You do too. In fact, you love it so much that you will see us play live once we get our gig times/dates posted on the site...
If you are wondering where we get our brilliance, we will answer: The treasure chest. We own a magical chest with changing rhythmatic vibe and psychedelic ideas that infects one's mind when it is opened. You may take a quick peek at the song chest on the main page, which you probably already have. But it is ours.
Thanks. We love you.

-the band

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