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The Fionas
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Edwin Telford

Bass Guitar

Edwin is crazy -- you all know that. He arrived at Lindero last year as an "outsider," and found refuge in the caring arms of Rado. In the summer, I spent much time with 'Dwin, and we got into a lot of trouble that was simply devine (i.e., running away from the cops for skating and watching our pal Corey get stuck on the fence, filming Edwin roll off the White Oak slide sitting on a skateboard and slamming his rib cage on the edge, hanging with Edwin's crazy little Asian friend Alex, etc.) All in all, The Fionas and I are pleased to have Edwin in the band. Give the man a hand. He deserves it -- crazy pimp.

edwin -- bass playing madman!

I remember Edwin rolling down this red rail and slamming his bum bum. I photographed it, actually.

Edwin Master of Bass website

Rail slam.

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